tunesday | rt sound factor – 7th heaven – tribute to the memory of frankie knuckles

when the godfather of house music, frankie knuckles died at the age of 59 on march 31st 2014, the fast-moving (dance) music world stood still for a moment. the passing of one of our mentors hit many people hard, including prescription records co-founder and chicago native ron trent who participated three days later at cdr berlin, where he paid tribute to him in musical form.

“out of pain and into the light. puffy eyes and all I tried to articulate my feelings through sound. we had planned to do this interview some weeks before and then frankie made his transition. I didn’t know how I would present myself after not having proper rest for a few days. it was making a composition on my laptop to express myself that helped start me to come to peace in my mind.

this was the talk I had with the cdr crew. I had just started working on this soon to be released song the night before. this was the first time anyone heard of snippet of this lamentation. we all felt the greatness of frankie and I am sure we will never forget him and the spark he lit. next week you will have the ability to touch my creation and touch this moment in time. special thanks to dirk rumpff from cdr and thomas jaw family for the presentation.” (ron trent)

thank you, ron.

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