tunesday | three generations feat. chevell – get it off

tunesday - three generations feat chevell - get it off

kerri chandler
grew up in the new jersey area during the days of the infamous zanzibar club with resident dj tony humphries and like most teenagers of the time, he got a taste for rap and actually built the beginnings of a successful career with his group „art of origin“, which he produced. due to terrible circumstance he got into house and released his first single „get it off“ under the moniker three generations in 1990.

my girlfriend tracy at the time, her birthday was september 1st. I don’t know what it is about birthdays. we’d been going out for maybe three years and we were planning to be married. her ex-boyfriend didn’t like the idea of us being together at all. this night tracy was going to stop at zanzibar first then meet me at club america. he was at zanzibar that night and saw her in the club, walked out with her I guess, raped her behind the club, bashed her head open with a rock, stuck a stick up inside of her, then dragged her behind the bushes outside and left her for dead.“ “I started making house,” he says, “because tracey loved house. the first track I made was ‘get it off’. – short for ‘get it off of my mind’ – and I put all these parts in it that had to do with what I was going through because of her – like there’s a part that goes ‘you! are! so! vicious!’ and I was talking to the guy that did that to her, and ‘now is the time, now is the time’ meant ‘now is the time to get this off my mind’. and there was ‘get it off, get it off, set it loose,’ and also a big scratch through the middle of the records which is what my life felt like when he killed her: it changed my entire groove, it changed my entire being. and realising I could do this, and that it was therapeutic, I swore this was what I was going to do from now on, and that I’d always put something real into every track I made.

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