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tunesday - lil louis - french kiss

chicago born louis burns is mostly known under his moniker lil louis. the son of guitarist bobby simms, who recorded for chess and appeared with the psychedelic-soul unit rotary connection, started playing drums and bass at the age of 8. in 1974, while working at a party organized by his mother mary to unite chicago gangs, louis was asked to play after the dj fell ill. the acclaim from the crowd birthed the 12-year-old´s career as a dj. shortly after, he began djing in adult night clubs. it was during a police raid at the river´s edge club, that louis was given his now renowed stage name „lil louis“ from a riled, witty police officer.

in 1987 he released one of the most important house records of all time, „french kiss“ a moaning, sex-as-house track, with vocals by shawn christopher, that is based on a single note and best known for gradually slowing down to a complete stop, marked by the vocal climax, and then, again gradually, speeds up. the track might have originally came out on westbrook records. sherman burks wanted to sign it, but bam bam decided to turn it down. so, louis released it on diamond records, a sublabel from warehouse records, and then licensed it to the major label epic / cbs. „french kiss“ sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

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